On this page are selected videos of speeches, statements, debates, and questions I raise in the House.

To watch parliamentary proceedings live, you can visit: https://parlvu.parl.gc.ca/Harmony

Parliament Video: Jenny In the House: Ending gender-based violence needs action now: stable funding, a community-driven nat'l action plan

On April 20, 2021, Jenny made a statement in the house about the need to address the root causes of gender-based violence, and the need for stable funding for the community organizations on the ground doing the work. The pandemic has been a giant wake-up call which should spur urgent and significant investments to address the core fundamental issues that Canadians struggle with. The government must come to the table with community advocates and develop an action plan to address violence against women and provide stable funding to NGOs on the ground. The lives and safety of women are at risk.

Parliament Video: Jenny in the House: Tables petitions on urban, rural, northern Indigenous housing strategy & ending opioid crisis

On March 25, 2021, Jenny tabled two petitions: - one initiated by Moms Stop The Harm, calling for federal government action to end overdose deaths and overdose injuries; to immediately collaborate with provinces and territories to develop a comprehensive, pan-Canadian overdose action plan; to ensure that the plan considers reforms that other countries have used, such as legal regulation of drugs to ensure safe, supply, decriminalization for personal use, and changes to flawed drug policy and policing practices; and - one with respect to Indigenous housing, which recognizes that the 2017 National Housing Strategy did not include any specific funding, strategies or policies for urban or rural indigenous housing, even though the mandate letter from the minister specifically outlines such a strategy; and putting forward calls from the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association and its Indigenous Caucus , including for the government to develop a “For Indigenous, By Indigenous” National Housing Centre; to increase the supply of stable, safe, affordable housing by building 73,000 new units of housing for urban, rural and northern Indigenous peoples; to support tenants' well-being and long-term success with wraparound Indigenous services, to accelerate action on Indigenous homelessness, and to focus on northern housing.

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